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1250tons/12500kN Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

These cold chamber die casting machines are suitable for such industrial departments as aviation, automobile, motorcycle, telecom instrument, electric home appliances hardware, and are used to produce large aluminum, zinc, copper and other non-ferrous metal castings, and the idea equipment for producing casting is difficult, high quality requirements, the structure of the complex casting.

  • SJ1250

Product Description

1250tons/12500kN Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine


Item Value
Type Cold Chamber
Model SJ1250
Die Locking Force 1250tons
FOB Port Ningbo, China
Terms of payment L/C,Western Union,T/T


Parameter Value
Die locking force 12500KN(1250tons)
Space between tie bars 1100x1100mm
Tie bar diameter Φ230mm
Die thickness(Min-Max) 450~1180mm
Locking stroke 1000mm
Ejection stroke 200mm
Ejection force 570KN
Injection force 1075KN
Injection position 0、-320mm
Plunger diameter 100mm 110mm
Injection weight 13.4KG 16.2KG
Casting pressure (Intensifg.) 136Mpa 113Mpa
Casting area 919cm² 1106cm²
Plunger diameter -120mm -130mm -140mm
Injection weight 19.3KG 22.5KG 25.4KG
Casting pressure (Intensifg.) 95Mpa 81Mpa 69Mpa
Casting area 1315cm² 1543cm² 1811cm²
Max.Casting area (40Mpa) 3125cm²
Plunger penetration 320mm
Casting flange diameter Φ240mm
Height of pressure chamber flange 25mm
Injection stroke 880mm
Dry cycle 19S
System working pressure 14Mpa
Motor power 37x2KW
Oil tank capacity 2800L
Machine weight 95000KG
Machine dimensions(L*W*H) 11.8x3.7x4.2m


ejection part of cold chamber die casting machine

Ejection part

blade pump of cold chamber die casting machine

Applying the American Vickers blade pump, which is durable, energy-saving and hight effective.

press emitting and pressure increase system

Advanced press-emitting and pressure-increase system to ensure a precision regulation of the pressure, speed and starting speed in each part to guarantee the quality of the casting pieces.

toggle system

Centralized lubrication deive for the toggle system capable of adjusting the lubrication period, time and amount proper uberication of the toggle system can increase the lifetime of machine and reduce maintenance.

valve of cold chamber die casting machine

Applying German Rexroth proportinal pressure valve and proportinal flow valve for controlling the pressure and flow so that the mechanism can run quickly, stably, safely, reliably and energy-savingly.

hydraulic valve and European sealing components

Applying German Rexroth hydraulic valve and European sealing components, providing a longterm good work and leak-free condition of the hydraulic system.

mold plate size

mold plate size of 1250tons/12500kN Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine

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